Enhancing Calgary’s parks and pathways through dedication benches.


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Since 1991, our Bench Dedication Program allows friends and families to dedicate an existing bench in one of Calgary’s numerous parks or pathways. Each bench carries a different story through the words engraved on a bronze plaque. Once dedicated, these lovely benches and their plaques serve as a reminder of loved ones.

Thanks to numerous donations over the years, there are more than 1,000 dedication benches throughout our city. The benches are an attractive and useful addition to our recreational areas and are much appreciated by the many citizens who visit and use Calgary’s parks and pathways every day.

Each year benches are dedicated throughout the City of Calgary parks and pathways by citizens and organizations in memory of loved ones, friendships and special events.

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Our benches replace existing City of Calgary benches that have not been dedicated. Made from dark red Meranti wood with six finished wood boards, metals arms, and a steel frame that is attached to concrete footing, each bench contains a 3″ X 10″ bronze plaque with a donor message.

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It costs $3,500 to sponsor a bench for a 10 year term. The price includes the cost of the bench, plaque, installation, maintenance and administration costs. The dark red Meranti wood bench comes with a five year warranty. These benches will be reviewed every year for refurbishing if necessary. Benches are renewable after the 10-year period has expired. Prices are subject to change.

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Parks Foundation Calgary can only replace existing city benches in the same location.

Existing available benches can be dedicated in any city park in Calgary, or along the river pathway system, with prior approval. The city limits a certain number of benches allowed in each park or segment of pathway.

Please contact us to inquire about availability of the bench you wish to dedicate before you begin the application process.


From the time of the receipt of the donation in full, it will take approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete the installation of a bench. Installations during the winter months are not possible.

Devonian Garden Benches

The Devonian Gardens, located on the 4th floor of the CORE Shopping Centre, have been recently restored and ten beautiful wooden benches are now available for dedication within the gardens.

The benches are all located in lovely areas such as the Koi pond and the very peaceful gallery which is surrounded by vegetation. A great escape on a cold winters day. This is one of the benefits of dedicating a bench in the gardens as it can be used all year round.

The cost is $3500.00 for a 10 year term which is tax deductible. 

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Tax Receipts

All donations are to be made out to Parks Foundation Calgary in advance of placing orders for benches and plaques. More than one person can donate to a bench. Individual tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more to the donor whose name appears on the cheque or credit card. If you are providing a cash donation, please include your contact details so a tax receipt can be issued.

For the more information, please view the files listed below.

Tax Receipt Guidelines

Privacy Policy

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Should you have any questions about this service or process, please contact Sheila Ferguson at (403)974-0751, sferguson@parksfdn.com.

Our detailed application form can be found below.

Application Form

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