Imagine SUNALTA Project

 Sunalta Community Association–Imagine Sunalta Project

Sunalta Community Association–Imagine Sunalta Project

Sunalta is a neighbourhood where 1 in 4 residents live on a low income and 34% of residents live alone – over three times the city average. The Community Association is very active and the programs they offer to engage residents are often beyond capacity. The neighbourhood needs space that is economically self-sustaining, while providing opportunities for programming, training and social enterprise.

Sunalta is currently fundraising for the construction of a new building beside and connected to the existing hall. This space will include a community kitchen, coffee kiosk, community spaces and offices. This resident-led initiative that will work to remove social isolation, improve food security and create a community living room, where all are welcome to come together to find support, experience culture, share in conversation, and enjoy being neighbourly. They will create a hub that is inclusive and economically self-sustaining with a focus on creating opportunities for employment, training and community service delivery. We’re not just building a building, they’re creating a community.

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Call of the Wetland

Have you heard frogs calling in your community?

Call of the Wetland is a citizen science program looking for volunteers to help monitor amphibian species. The information collected will help to better understand the health of Calgary’s wetlands.


Wetlands play a vital role in the water cycle, providing important ecological services such as water filtration, flood and drought mitigation, sequestration of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, climate regulation and recreation. However, 90% of pre-settlement wetlands have been lost to development, climate change and pollution in the City of Calgary. Further, wetlands provide a home to a biodiverse set of animals, many of which are disappearing in urban centers.


As amphibians are an important indicator of wetland health, Call of the Wetland engages Calgarians to report amphibian sightings and calls via the Call of the Wetland app. The 2018 survey season launched on April 15th, and will continue through the end of August. To participate:

1.       Attend an optional orientation. Upcoming orientations are posted to our Facebook page.

2.       Sign up for planned surveys on the Call of the Wetland app (download on Apple or Google Play). Find a selected wetland near you and choose a date range in which to complete your survey.

3.       Log incidental observations at any wetland you have access to within city limits.


The data from the project will be shared with municipal and provincial regulators to assist with them in making conservation decisions about wetlands that are important to amphibians and Calgarians.

This program has been sponsored by Enbridge as their amenity for the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway, a 138 km pathway that circles the City of Calgary.  To learn more, please see  or email