Fundraiser Event

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Join us for an art exhibit showcasing 3 local artists with different styles and techniques.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by getting a new painting and supporting not just the talented artists, but also the work of Parks Foundation Calgary.


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The land inspires me. Whether I am painting mountains, trees, creeks, waterfalls, foothills or endless fields, I love the land. When I paint outside, taking in the subtle changes of light and shadow, smelling the damp or the sunshine, seeing how trees grow in different terrains, how water can dance or be completely still, I am grateful for the gift of observation. 
In my studio I interpret my observations using design and colour. strive to keep my colours bright, the design clear and the subject interesting when I am creating a painting. I am always searching for new ways to express the beauty of the land. I have taken courses at Alberta College of Art, University of Calgary, Leading Edge Workshops and Swinton's Art Studio. 

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Marjorie Edgar is a painter. Oil paint is her preferred medium. She has been a student of Alberta painters, Chris Jordan, Michael Downs and most recently Doug Swinton.
She began painting in acrylic paint in an environment provided by Jack Rigeaux. Chris Jordan was her first instructor and technical teacher in oils. As a result of beginning to learn about oil paints she began to collect and study many books about the masters; Claude Monet, Edgar Payne and Russian Impressionists. She continues to learn in additional workshops, some in studios and some in Plein Air.


Donna Horton, a Home Economist by profession, has been painting for over 15 years, most of those years at Swinton’s Art Studio.  
She began painting with acrylics, but in past years has been using oil as her chosen medium. Painting is therapeutic for Donna, evidenced by her choice of subject matter which varies depending on what she is relating to at the time.  The comaraderie in art class continually inspires her, while she paints from photos which she has taken on a holiday or while enjoying time around animals, a family member or a beautiful scene.
Besides enjoying her weekly painting sessions, Donna volunteers in the Calgary community, and  also spends her time golfing, cross-country skiing, cycling and travelling.   She is devoted to her family, which includes 8 precious grandchildren.

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“It’s only paint and canvas”, provides Marjorie with a freedom to see what will transfer from an understanding of her surroundings. What does something feel like? How does the feeling transfer through observation to canvas with paint and brushes? Painting for Marjorie is unending learning, a discovery. Contemplation, quiet, observation, go. “Art is a language. It’s not a skill. It is not a stunt. It’s not something that you learn to do and put it down. It comes from the heart”. The above quote is from Wynona Mulcaster, a painter and renowned educator in the language of art and the art of oil painting, an artist whom she admires.