Providing support to projects that assist to enrich Calgary’s parks and pathways.



The PartnerParks Conceptual Drawing Grants program is intended to provide “seed money” for the development and enhancement of Calgary’s parks, playgrounds, pathways, natural areas, and open spaces. The program supports projects that provide significant benefit to the continuation and enrichment to Calgary’s parks and pathways.

Up to $5,000.00 can be awarded to any non-profit organization, club, league, education institution, or group endorsed by an appropriate body to provide seed money to hire a landscape architect to provide drawings that reflect the vision which the group would like to create. The architectural drawings also provide a preliminary cost estimate for the project, and a drawing to show donors, stakeholders, and city representatives during the first stages of approvals.

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Playground designs are not eligible for a Conceptual Drawing Grant.

Any organization, club, league, educational institution or group can apply if they:

  • Are registered as a non-profit society
  • Have objectives and programs relating to parks or river valleys or amateur sports

Past grants have been provided to schools and parent associations for playground equipment and seating, community associations for naturalization projects, and other organizations for pathways, trees and interpretive signage. Projects must be within Calgary Municipal boundaries or of benefit to Calgary athletes.

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Should you have any questions about this service or process, please contact Sara at (403) 974-0747,

Our application guidelines, format and privacy policy can be found below.

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