In 2009, the Greenway was a dream. The idea was to build a pathway system that surrounded the whole city, the only one of its kind in the world. Along the way, we would build parks and amenities. The $50M project was massive and unprecedented in scale, both for Calgary and for the Parks Foundation. The Greenway progressed with support of key partners, including all major real estate developers, energy companies and individual Calgarians. In 2013, 13 Rotary clubs and Mattamy came forward with $5 million dollars each. The dream of leaving a legacy to our city and a unique outdoor free recreational attraction of connected urban pathways for everyone to enjoy is becoming a reality. Even though it continues to grow as the city does, we are very excited to celebrate the progress of the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway a 138 kilometer network of paths and bikeways that brings the City of Calgary together. The project is unique as it makes use of the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC), by safely incorporating public pathways and park amenities on underutilized and often vacant green spaces.

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The Rotary/ Mattamy Greenway borders Tsuu T’ina Nation lands on the west side, and continues its journey through several areas of significance for the Blackfoot and other First Nation communities. It travels through a multitude of Calgary’s neighborhoods and reflects the diversity of the city’s population. Portions of the Greenway use existing pathways through established neighborhoods, while other portions go beside communities that were once separate towns or hamlets, including Midnapore, Shepard and Bowness, places that have their own unique identities. Large sections of the Greenway are adjacent to the city’s newest neighborhoods, which are just beginning to establish a sense of place and community. As a year-round destination for cyclists, cross-country skiers, runners, walkers, nature lovers, and kids of all ages the Greenway is home to over 13 specialized and incredible amenities. The central story of the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway is about orienting Calgarians to our surroundings in a way that allow all of us to connect with one another inviting residents to be active while enjoying Calgary’s natural environment. There is a tangible connection between the neighborhoods, natural and cultural resources along the route. Stronger connections help build stronger communities. Parks Foundation Calgary’s goal is to encourage everyone to explore new areas of the city and symbolically embrace Calgary as a unified yet diverse community.