While there are some great experts and enthusiasts involved in this unique amenity along the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway, this disc golf park has been built in memory of David Richardson, a respected member of Calgary’s auto community and an avid disc golfer. With generous efforts from both the Richardson Family and Parks Foundation Calgary, the project was fully funded in 2017. 

After extensive planning and design efforts the project began construction in late summer 2017 and is NOW open to the public.


Disc golf shares many similarities with traditional golf, just using a flying disc. Players compete on 9 or 18 holes, with the objective of getting the fewest number of throws (like strokes in “ball” golf) at the end of the game. The disc is thrown from a tee area to the target, most commonly an elevated metal basket. As a player moves down each fairway, the disc is thrown from each consecutive landing spot, until reaching the target “hole.” And, as on a traditional golf course, terrain, obstacles and accuracy affect the final outcome, as does the length of each hole, and its par score.

An estimated 2,000 Calgarians already play disc golf, and it is considered one of the fastest growing sports in the city, open to all participation levels, ages and backgrounds.

The park is an 18 hole, tournament level course free-of-charge to all Calgarians. The 27-acre site, located at the intersection of Country Hills Blvd. and Stoney Trail in northwest Calgary, is marked by rolling topography with numerous elevation changes, and includes spectacular views of the city and Rocky Mountains.

This summer make sure you include disc golf within your leisure activities and enjoy the David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park.
We'll see you out there!



Visit www.pdga.com for Rules and Sport related information


david richardson memorial disc golf park


This park was made possible by family, friends, colleagues and generous community supports.

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Grand Opening Event June 2018