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Parks Foundation Calgary is proud to be launching its premier 2017 project, the David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Park, a spectacular sport facility that will be accessible to all Calgarians, while drawing competitors from around North America.

The proposed 18 hole disc golf course is to be located on a 27-acre site in Calgary's northwest and will be build in memory of Calgary businessman and avid disc golfer, David Richardson. The course will be one of the best facilities in North America in a low-cost sport, open to participants of all ages and abilities.

It will be the longest disc golf course in the city with the potential to be a professional tournament venue, while at the same time, offering an enjoyable outdoor activity for novices, enthusiasts and their families.

The park will sit on Park Foundation Calgary's Rotary/Mattamy Greenway, a 138km pathway encircling the city of Calgary and will allow users the chance to play disc golf regardless of their abilities and economic backgrounds.

The Greenway features other amenities around the city, including off-leash dog parks, interpretive wetland areas, playgrounds, memorial

sites and outdoor fitness areas.

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Current Progress

Anticipated Start Date: June 2017
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Disc golf shares a lot in common with traditional golf, without the expensive green fees, golf clubs, and golf carts.

Instead of balls and clubs, disc golf uses flying discs. Players compete on 9 or 18 holes, with the objective of getting the fewest number of throws (like strokes in "ball" golf) at the end of the game. The disc is thrown from a tee area to the target, most commonly an elevated metal basket. As a player moves down each fairway, the disc is thrown from each consecutive landing spot, until reaching the target "hole".

And, as on a traditional golf course, terrain, obstacles and accuracy affect the final outcome, as does the length of each hole and its par score.




Special thanks to our contractor, Ground3 for creating and sharing this video of the future David Richardson Memorial Disc Golf Course.