Parks Foundation Calgary awards over $230K in support of Amateur Sport

Parks Foundation Calgary is pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the Amateur Sport Grant program. The below table outlines the successful organizations and their projects.  

ORGANIZATION                                       PROJECT                              
Canada West Volleyball Club New Volleyball Nets
Alberta Alpine Ski Association Shared Equipment Pool
Calgary Dragon Boat Society Dragon Boats
Dino Women's Volleyball Club High Performance Training Systems
Elbow Park Residents Association Elbow Park Community Basketball Court
Foothills Swimming Association Anti-wave ropes, storage reels and tension reels
(U of C Swim Club)

A total of $235,113 was awarded between these organizations.

About the Amateur Sport Grant Program
The goal of the Amateur Sport Grant Program is to promote amateur sport development and enhance sport participation for Calgarians of all ages. The program helps support capital projects and equipment purchases that will provide significant benefit to the continuation and enrichment of amateur sport. The continued success of the program is possible through a joint community partnership with the Calgary Flames Hockey Club, The Saddledome Foundation, and Parks Foundation Calgary.

About Parks Foundation Calgary (PFC)
Since its establishment in 1985 as a non-profit organization, Parks Foundation Calgary has worked to create thriving communities and public spaces. We exist so all Calgarians can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by providing easily accessible and unique, sport and green spaces. Visit or find Parks Foundation Calgary on social media @ParksFdnCalgary. Visit or find Parks Foundation Calgary on social media @ParksFdnCalgary.

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New Bike Skills Park for South Glenmore Park - ANNOUNCEMENT

Building on the popularity of the previously constructed Bike Skills Parks in Chestermere and Fish Creek Park, Parks Foundation Calgary, in collaboration with the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance, is creating another new park amenity on the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway. The creation will be a two-acre bike skills park located at South Glenmore park, west of the sailing club.

The park, which will be the size of almost two football fields, will be designed for all ages and abilities, from a toddler on a balance bike to intermediate teen and adult riders.

Says Sheila Taylor, CEO of Parks Foundation Calgary, “This park will give families unique space to practice their skills, whether it be a new or experienced rider. It’s also located on the Rotary/Mattamy Pathway so it will be a fun destination Calgarians can cycle to and play.”

rendering site map.jpg

Once it’s open, the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance will help maintain the park, leveraging their passion and expertise for cycling and making it more accessible to Calgarians. “The South Glenmore Bike Skills Park will be free to use, so we are so ecstatic about this project coming to life,” says David Mills, Executive Director of the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance. “We are very grateful to the City of Calgary and Parks Foundation Calgary for their support.”

The park will help serve the increased demand for bike facilities in the city, while providing another recreational opportunity for Calgarians. Park construction will begin in spring 2019, with a planned opening date in summer 2019.

This important project is possible because of generous contributions from the Province of Alberta, Mountain Equipment Coop and other donors. Fundraising is ongoing; if you would like to make a contribution, click HERE

Testimonial from the Ultimate Wheelchair Sports Foundation

The generous funds we received from the Amateur Sport Grant helped us purchase equipment for our members with the most severe disabilities.

For two years we have been able to set up and significantly expand our Quad Handcycling Program. Yet, this is just the beginning, we are looking forward to continued benefits from the equipment purchased, to sustain the program and support even more members with quadriplegia.

To improve the Quad Handcycling Program we engaged an engineering group to develop a more user-friendly brake system for people with limited hand function. It allows for a better and safer riding experience. Specialized equipment for limited hand function is expensive and we would not have been able to establish our Quad Handcycling Program without the assistance of the Amateur Sports Grant.

In addition to supporting our current members, we have created relationships with recreation therapists at Foothill Hospitals and been able to engage people with quadriplegia directly from rehab even before they are discharged. It provides a realization that they can still be active despite their significant injury. It instills hope for the future. We have members with quadriplegia not able to wheel a manual wheelchair, but are able to handcycle. It provides freedom, independence and a feeling of accomplishment they may not experience in other aspects of life. Handcycling becomes an important element in efforts to re-establish a satisfactory quality of life, and we thank the Amateur Sport Grant for this opportunity to provide this program!

Creating Parks through Partnerships!



At Parks Foundation we believe that all Calgarians deserve safe, interactive, and fun spaces to play and to gather in. Community green spaces offer an outdoor place to stay active, learn and build social connections. The Building Communities program is designed to provide support for community-led park projects so everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and build vibrant communities.


BUILDING COMMUNITIES GRANT PROGRAM awarded seven grants from our May round of applications for a total of $150,000. We are excited to share our support for the following organization’s and their projects

  • Friends of SPS Foundation, St. Peter School’s Playground Replacement
  • Signal Hill Circle Community Association, Playground Replacement
  • Playground Heroes Society, St. Hubert School’s Playground Replacement
  • Springbank Hill Community Association, Nature Community Park
  • Prince of Peace Education Society, New School Playground
  • Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association, 17th Ave Pocket Square

PEMBINA AWARD was granted to:

•    Highland Park Community Association,
Playground Replacement

In addition to funding projects, we pride ourselves on providing ongoing support throughout the duration of every project. Our goal is to build community capacity and promote stewardship of new and valued community spaces. Each one of our supported projects will benefit Calgarians in all quadrants of our city, enhancing our green and recreational spaces and marking new landmarks across #YYC.

To support our work at Parks Foundation Calgary DONATE here.