Connecting people through play!

Searching for a running partner in your neighbourhood? An opponent with a schedule other than your typical 9 to 5? Or a friend who pedals at your speed?

Be sure to check out PlayCity, Calgary’s newest app that connects you to others who share the same sport, skill level, and location as you!


How did PlayCity start?

PlayCity began its journey when Hafiz Mitha, the founder and CEO, had trouble finding a suitable tennis partner despite having roots in Calgary. Other players were either too advanced or preferred courts on the other end of the city near their own neighbourhood, barriers that are common to many sports. That’s when Hafiz recognized the framework of dating apps could be applied to sports, helping others like him find suitable partners for sports.

Who do you meet on PlayCity?


You meet people who share the same interest, skill level and memberships as you! We find it’s a great way to meet people through play from different backgrounds, age, life paths, identities and discover neat things along the way! In addition to finding a new partner, you may find yourself being a little more happy by exercising more frequently, improving a skill, learning new techniques, or even deviate entirely from sports with a side conversation about that new restaurant around the block, a mutual connection, or one of our favourite topics, sport tourism. Who doesn’t like learning about those niche marathons? Or met someone who participated in the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromoso, Norway? It’s side bits like this that promote healthier connected communities.