Testimonial from the Ultimate Wheelchair Sports Foundation

The generous funds we received from the Amateur Sport Grant helped us purchase equipment for our members with the most severe disabilities.

For two years we have been able to set up and significantly expand our Quad Handcycling Program. Yet, this is just the beginning, we are looking forward to continued benefits from the equipment purchased, to sustain the program and support even more members with quadriplegia.

To improve the Quad Handcycling Program we engaged an engineering group to develop a more user-friendly brake system for people with limited hand function. It allows for a better and safer riding experience. Specialized equipment for limited hand function is expensive and we would not have been able to establish our Quad Handcycling Program without the assistance of the Amateur Sports Grant.

In addition to supporting our current members, we have created relationships with recreation therapists at Foothill Hospitals and been able to engage people with quadriplegia directly from rehab even before they are discharged. It provides a realization that they can still be active despite their significant injury. It instills hope for the future. We have members with quadriplegia not able to wheel a manual wheelchair, but are able to handcycle. It provides freedom, independence and a feeling of accomplishment they may not experience in other aspects of life. Handcycling becomes an important element in efforts to re-establish a satisfactory quality of life, and we thank the Amateur Sport Grant for this opportunity to provide this program!