FLYOVER PARK - Transforming an underutilized concrete place into a vibrant park space

CALGARY (March 15, 2019) – Parks Foundation Calgary and the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association are pleased to announce that the award-winning Flyover Park design will be moving forward for development in the community of Bridgeland. The Alberta government recently approved $1 million in funding, which has been matched by The City of Calgary.


The underutilized space below the 4th Avenue Flyover will be transformed into a vibrant urban park and gateway to downtown. The 4th Avenue Flyover Park—the first of its kind in Calgary—will be a five-minute walk from the Bridgeland LRT station, a 10-minute walk to Calgary’s downtown core and will connect Bridgeland on the north side of the Bow with the Riverwalk Pathway in East Village.

“Children, families and seniors in Calgary will have an incredible new vibrant, playful outdoor space to enjoy,” says Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism. “We are very excited to support this youth-inspired project, which will be a source of pride for the community.”

To develop its initial concept, landscape architecture students from the University of Calgary collaborated with grade six students from nearby Langevin School in a youth-led process to create concepts for how this underused community space could be reimagined.

Says Gian-Carlo Carra, Ward 9 Councillor, "From the start, Flyover Park has been a vision championed by many: the local community of Bridgeland-Riverside, as well as students from Langevin School and the University of Calgary collaborating with neighbours to envision a welcoming and inclusive place. Further, the City of Calgary’s civil service worked with the community to test innovative ideas and best practices. We are grateful to the Government of Alberta for appreciating the need, recognizing the quality of the community’s work, and providing the funding to make this collective vision a reality."

The park will house many unique features, and concepts currently in development include a family-friendly play area, tiered seating for events and gatherings and natural landscapes. Plans also include dedicated food truck stalls, swings, ping pong tables, vertical play logs, rain garden, wooden boardwalk, an outdoor classroom and more.

“This will be such a unique park, leveraging a place made of concrete and transforming it into a unique, urban park that can be enjoyed by all Calgarians,” says Sheila Taylor, CEO of Parks Foundation Calgary. “We appreciate the support of everyone who have worked tirelessly on this vision, and to the Government of Alberta and City of Calgary for their support.”

The design of Flyover Park was a runner up for the Mayor’s Urban Design award, and recently won the 2018 National Urban Design Award. Fundraising and development of the park is a partnership between Parks Foundation Calgary and the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association. Additional fundraising efforts for the park are ongoing, and contributions may be made through Parks Foundation Calgary.

“Our community is thrilled to have this grassroots project for a little lost space become a reality,” says Ali McMillan, with the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association. “This project has been a labour of love for us, and now a forgotten, urban space will be a destination place that people will seek out and enjoy for decades to come.”

Flyover Park 1.jpg

Other metropolitan cities, such as New York, Boston, Miami and Toronto, have leveraged underused spaces to build a stronger community and city. Likewise, the 4th Avenue Flyover Park in Calgary will add value by positively impacting Calgarians while also being part of the city’s roster of spectacular parks and public destinations.

The 4th Avenue Flyover Park is adjacent to Memorial Drive and McDougall Road N.E. This project is supported by Parks Foundation Calgary, the City of Calgary and the Government of Alberta.

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Legacy garden will be constructed in South Glenmore Park.

It was announced today that a very special legacy garden will be constructed in South Glenmore Park, with the groundbreaking taking place later this spring.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden will celebrate five inspiring young people, Lawrence Hong, Josh Hunter, Kaitlan (Kaiti) Perras, Jordan Segura, and Zackariah Rathwell, whose lives were lost on April 15, 2014 in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Brentwood in Calgary. The garden will be the city’s first fully dedicated music garden and intimate performance space, designed in a vibrant, green area to create community, build harmony and celebrate life.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden will house interactive musical and play elements along with a 30-foot diameter stage for programming, such as music, dance, theatre, spoken word, yoga and healing circles. The garden will foster a sense of discovery, play, inspiration, creativity, reflection, contemplation and positive well-being for all visitors.

Presentation Final Drawing(rendered).jpg

“The Quinterra Legacy Garden is full of unity and love. It cultivates community in an area that embodies a positive, energetic spirit,” says Barclay Hunter, on behalf of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “It is our way of thanking Calgarians for their incredible support during the last five years and for reminding us that there is light beyond tragedy and loss.”

The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group is a community of families and friends of the five lives lost in the 2014 tragedy. To build a strong community, the Quinterra Legacy Garden will support the arts through creativity, mental health through meditation and healing, youth through play and inclusivity, strong families through community and discovery and will give back to Calgary with a new amenity for the public to enjoy.

“Our hope is that the garden will be a vibrant and intimate gathering place for public performances or quiet contemplation. People will leave the garden with a clear mind,” says Shannon Miller of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “This isn’t just a typical garden. We’re going to have unique programming, performances and interactive activities for the public to enjoy.”

The garden will have ongoing programming and will be a local spot for intimate performances and activities such as drum circles, yoga and reading groups. Interactive music instruments, supplied by Percussion Play and Freenotes Harmony Park, will be placed throughout the garden to add energy and harmony to the Quinterra Legacy Garden.

“We hope it will be a space to build community, emulate love, spread positivity and inspire reflection,” says Ronda-Lee Rathwell of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “Our vision is to see Calgarians in the garden with their family and friends, enjoying the arts or a meditation program and being thankful for today.”

The park will include elements representing the five individuals lost, reflecting each of their personalities through inclusivity and the arts. Visitors of the garden will feel a sense of belonging and warmth, radiated by the pieces built within the space. Design elements will embrace motifs that represent the number five—five branches, leaves and roots in the garden logo; a five-pointed star on the performance stage; and five chairs placed in front of five flowering trees planted in the garden.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group is partnering with the City of Calgary Parks Department, Parks Foundation Calgary, Bassett Associates Landscape Architecture and the Prophets of Music. The Quinterra Legacy Fund has been developed to further support the garden and is seeking contributions to meet its goal of raising $800,000. Charitable tax receipts are provided for any donations given for the garden.

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To the Quinterra Legacy Garden

About the Quinterra Group:
The Quinterra Group are a community built of family and friends of Joshua Hunter, Kaitlan Perras, Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong and Zackariah Rathwell—the five young lives lost in a tragedy on April 15, 2014, in Calgary’s Brentwood neighbourhood. The Quinterra Group’s mission is to provide a peaceful, contemplative and vibrant outdoor space for Calgarians to reflect, heal and remember. The Group supports student initiatives related to music, the arts and community, and will continue to build legacies. For more information about the Quinterra Group or the Quinterra Legacy Garden, visit

New Bike Skills Park for South Glenmore Park - ANNOUNCEMENT

Building on the popularity of the previously constructed Bike Skills Parks in Chestermere and Fish Creek Park, Parks Foundation Calgary, in collaboration with the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance, is creating another new park amenity on the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway. The creation will be a two-acre bike skills park located at South Glenmore park, west of the sailing club.

The park, which will be the size of almost two football fields, will be designed for all ages and abilities, from a toddler on a balance bike to intermediate teen and adult riders.

Says Sheila Taylor, CEO of Parks Foundation Calgary, “This park will give families unique space to practice their skills, whether it be a new or experienced rider. It’s also located on the Rotary/Mattamy Pathway so it will be a fun destination Calgarians can cycle to and play.”

rendering site map.jpg

Once it’s open, the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance will help maintain the park, leveraging their passion and expertise for cycling and making it more accessible to Calgarians. “The South Glenmore Bike Skills Park will be free to use, so we are so ecstatic about this project coming to life,” says David Mills, Executive Director of the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance. “We are very grateful to the City of Calgary and Parks Foundation Calgary for their support.”

The park will help serve the increased demand for bike facilities in the city, while providing another recreational opportunity for Calgarians. Park construction will begin in spring 2019, with a planned opening date in summer 2019.

This important project is possible because of generous contributions from the Province of Alberta, Mountain Equipment Coop and other donors. Fundraising is ongoing; if you would like to make a contribution, click HERE

Testimonial from the Ultimate Wheelchair Sports Foundation

The generous funds we received from the Amateur Sport Grant helped us purchase equipment for our members with the most severe disabilities.

For two years we have been able to set up and significantly expand our Quad Handcycling Program. Yet, this is just the beginning, we are looking forward to continued benefits from the equipment purchased, to sustain the program and support even more members with quadriplegia.

To improve the Quad Handcycling Program we engaged an engineering group to develop a more user-friendly brake system for people with limited hand function. It allows for a better and safer riding experience. Specialized equipment for limited hand function is expensive and we would not have been able to establish our Quad Handcycling Program without the assistance of the Amateur Sports Grant.

In addition to supporting our current members, we have created relationships with recreation therapists at Foothill Hospitals and been able to engage people with quadriplegia directly from rehab even before they are discharged. It provides a realization that they can still be active despite their significant injury. It instills hope for the future. We have members with quadriplegia not able to wheel a manual wheelchair, but are able to handcycle. It provides freedom, independence and a feeling of accomplishment they may not experience in other aspects of life. Handcycling becomes an important element in efforts to re-establish a satisfactory quality of life, and we thank the Amateur Sport Grant for this opportunity to provide this program!

Creating Parks through Partnerships!



At Parks Foundation we believe that all Calgarians deserve safe, interactive, and fun spaces to play and to gather in. Community green spaces offer an outdoor place to stay active, learn and build social connections. The Building Communities program is designed to provide support for community-led park projects so everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and build vibrant communities.


BUILDING COMMUNITIES GRANT PROGRAM awarded seven grants from our May round of applications for a total of $150,000. We are excited to share our support for the following organization’s and their projects

  • Friends of SPS Foundation, St. Peter School’s Playground Replacement
  • Signal Hill Circle Community Association, Playground Replacement
  • Playground Heroes Society, St. Hubert School’s Playground Replacement
  • Springbank Hill Community Association, Nature Community Park
  • Prince of Peace Education Society, New School Playground
  • Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association, 17th Ave Pocket Square

PEMBINA AWARD was granted to:

•    Highland Park Community Association,
Playground Replacement

In addition to funding projects, we pride ourselves on providing ongoing support throughout the duration of every project. Our goal is to build community capacity and promote stewardship of new and valued community spaces. Each one of our supported projects will benefit Calgarians in all quadrants of our city, enhancing our green and recreational spaces and marking new landmarks across #YYC.

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