Current community-LED Projects

  • Flyover Park (CLICK HERE for details)

  • 17th Avenue Pocket Square

  • Annie Gale Project

  • Banff Trail Indigenous Circle of Life

  • Battalion Park Refurbishment and Expansion

  • Bowness Memorial Monument - To honour and remember former Bowness residents whose families would like to have their names engraved as a remembrance, call Marg or Don Weber at (403) 288-5561.

  • Calgary Community Bridge League

  • Chinook Park-Kelvin Grove-Eagle Ridge Community Centre

  • Deer Ridge-Shady Park Playground

  • Glendale Community Garden

  • Haddon Road South Park

  • Harvest Hills Community Hub

  • Highland Park Playground

  • McKenzie Lake-Mount Aberdeen Playground

  • Nose Hill Park - Education Programs

  • Parkdale Garden & Gathering Space

  • Prospect Trail

  • Quinterra Legacy Garden

  • Ramsay Community Rink

  • Ramsay Community Playground

  • Rotary Park Lawn Bowls Park

  • Schooner Playground

  • Signal Hill Circle Park

  • Somerset Bridlewood Community Garden

  • Springbank Hill Community Park

  • Sunalta Community Hub (CLICK HERE for details)

  • Sunlake Road Playground

  • Thorncliffe Playground Replacement

  • Water for Riley (CLICK HERE for details)

  • West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Garden & Hub

  • Wildwood Community Playground

  • Woodcreek Spider Park



If you would like to support one of the projects listed below, please fill out the donation form and mail it to us.
If you would like to donate online, please CLICK the link below and select which community-led project you would like to support.


Parks Foundation Calgary has supported many volunteer-driven initiatives in communities around the city. If you are interested in learning more about how Parks Foundation Calgary supports community-led projects, check out our Project Gift Administration service.